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Kakatiya University Kakatiya University


Kakatiya University, Warangal was established in 1976 by upgrading the then PG Centre of the Osmania University originally started in 1967. The main objective behind the establishment of this University was to provide educational facilities to the people of Northern Telangana, a backward region of Andhra Pradesh. From 1967 to 1982 books were acquired by the University Library but maintained in the respective departments. (i.e., issuing and maintenance). It was on 18th November 1967 that the first book was entered in the annals of library records. Having felt the need for establishing a University Library for optimum utilization of library collection, University Library Building was constructed by Prof. K.Venkat Ramaiah, the first Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University widely considered the architect of the University. The building was inaugurated in the year 1982. Subsequently, the collection of erstwhile departmental libraries was pooled and open access system introduced in place of closed access system. The prime function of the University Library is to provide study and research facilities to the Students, Research Scholars and Faculty members of the University. The Library which was started with this humble aim made rapid strides over the years and has grown into the present University Library. It is one of the big libraries in this area catering to the needs of the students and scholars of not only the University Campus but also of all colleges under Kakatiya University jurisdiction.

Though the book-acquiring process has started in 1967, the University Library came into existence only in 1982. During the last three decades of its existence, the University Library has grown into a manifold Institute. In view of the growing needs of the library and demands of the users, several sections have been created to facilitate proper organization and maintenance of the library.

The library functions throughout the year barring festival holidays. During all working days the library operates in three shifts from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and on Sundays and Second Saturdays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. to cater to the needs of the readers.


At present the library has the following sections for each type of work/service.  They are:

  1. Administrative Section
  2. Acquisition Section
  3. Technical Section
  4. Reference & Textbook Section
  5. Periodicals Sections
  6. Stack Section (SS & Arts)
  7. Stack Section (S&T)
  8. Circulation Section
  9. Competitive Examinations Material Cell
  10. Newspapers and Magazines Section
    1. Database Management
    2. Online journals, e-Consortia
  12. 12. New Library Building 24 hours (Reading Hall)

The main function of this section is planning, development and management of the library which involve general maintenance of the library, budget control, staff management, processing of bills, library correspondence, maintenance of office records, shifts arrangement and coordination with University administration, departments and other offices.


There are 28 departments on the campus having an annual book grant of Rs.20,000/- each and Rs.1.50 lakh to the library for the purchase of reference books. An amount of Rs.2,00,000/- sanctioned by ITDA, Eturnagaram for the purchase of books exclusively for ST students in the year 2004. The other self finance programmes allocate 10% of grant towards the purchase books from the total receipts of the year and books purchased under Self-finance course programme are maintained in the concerned departments.    
SC - 1235 BOOKS purchased in the year 1992.
ST - 1402 BOOKS purchased in the year 2005.




No. of books as on 31-03-2015





Gift Books


















Ph.D. & M.Phil Theses



Newspapers & Magazines

18 + 12


 All the books acquired by the library are processed scientifically for their arrangement in the stack room using DDC & AACR2. The catalogue cards and data input sheets are prepared in this section by the professional staff. With the help of these input sheets the database of books is being updated in SOUL software which is designed and developed by INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad.  


The reference sources like Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Year Books, Hand Books, Statistical Sources, Biographical Sources, Geographical Sources, Reports are being maintained properly in this section for reference. Apart from the reference books, text books are also being maintained in this section. In addition, SC Book Bank, ST Book Bank is also being maintained in this section. The SC Book Bank is established with the funds provided by the social welfare department. The ST Book Bank is established with the ITDA funds. The Doctoral Theses and M.Phil. Dissertations of the Kakatiya University are processed and maintained properly in this section. This section functions from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. including Second Saturdays and Sundays.


An amount of Rs.8 lakhs has been provided in the budget for subscription of research journals every year. The library is able to subscribe to about 151 Foreign and Indian Journals. Current issues are displayed subject wise and back volumes bound every year are maintained faculty wise. There are 30,000 back volumes.


The University Library maintains open access system. The readers can select and use books, according to their choice, one stack for social science, humanities Arts and General works, one another stack for science and technology.  


The circulation section looks after the work of registration of borrowers, issue of borrower cards, maintenance of relevant records, reservation of books on demand, collection of overdue charges and reminding the borrowers for returning books after the due date and finally issuing of no-dues certificates. Books are issued to the teachers, research scholars, staff and students based on their eligibility to borrow the books. This section serves about 250 to 300 clientele on an average daily. Faculty members, research scholars, students and staff are members of the library and more than 30,000 books are circulated every year. An average amount of Rs.5,000/- are being collected as over due charges per annum and remitted to the fund account.


In order to encourage the students to prepare for competitive examinations and seek jobs an exclusive section has been created in the library. The magazines and books are acquired relating to national and state level recruitment tests such as UPSC, TPSC, NET, Banking, Railways, LIC. Various employment notifications, forth-coming conferences, admission notifications would be displayed on the notice board to help the readers. The material available in this section is being fully utlised by the students to plan their career development and for seeking employment many students benefited.


The library acquires 6 English, 6 Telugu Newspapers covering national, regional and local papers. 15 magazines are received in the library, which include competitive socio, economic, political and cultural.


The University Library is a member of INFLIBNET which is an organ of UGC. Under this programme, the Universities will be given financial and technical support for library automation and networking. As a part of this the UGC has provided a sum of Rs.1.00 lakh in 1996-97 towards creation of core facilities with which a computer and accessories were procured and a section called LAND (Library Automation & Networking Division) has been established exclusively for the purpose. Later, during the year 1997-98, the UGC has provided a sum of Rs.6.5 lakh towards site preparation and procurement of computers and also made a provision of recurring grant towards maintenance and data entry support. With the one time non-recurring grant of Rs.6.5 lakh seven computer systems, UPS and necessary accessories were purchased besides preparation of site for LAND. The recurring grant of Rs.1.17 lakh was released under the INFLIBNET programme by UGC during the subsequent years which was utilized for data entry, bar coding, telephone expenses and maintenance of computers, etc.

As a part of technical support the INFLIBNET has supplied the SOUL library application software package designed and developed by itself while giving training to a few library personnel at managerial level to the Deputy Librarian and operational level to the Library Assistants.

The library has plans to create various databases and undertake automation various library functions and services with these trained personnel. Apart from this, it was also planned to have LAN (Local Area Network). Later, to cope with the increasing workload and the demand for Internet service, this division has been bifurcated into the following two sections namely:

1.      Database Management Section (DBM)

2.      INTERNET Service Section

Further, the library is also coming under the fold of UGC-INFONET which is aimed to enhance the network and communication infrastructure at universities to have more access to various information sources available at national and international level.


The work involved in the section is to create, update, maintain and manage the various databases as per the INFLIBNET programme and local needs; planning for automation of library services and their implementation.

As a part of this, several databases are planned and created out of the resources available in the library.  They are:

1.      Books Database

2.      Theses Database

a.       M.Phil. Dissertations

b.      Ph.D. Theses

3.      Periodicals Database

a.       Current Journals

b.      Back Volumes

4.      Experts Database

In this section, a book database of more than 50,000 book records has been created and bar-coded so far. The work is in progress for the remaining books. The theses database is complete and has been sent to INFLIBNET to keep in the National Database. The current periodical database is available and the database of back volumes is in progress.  


Under the dynamic leadership of our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B.Venkat Rathnam and the Registrar of the University, Prof. K. Sayulu, the library has been making rapid strides of late. An extension to the present building was already commissioned in the form of a structure consisting of a big hall and two rooms. Their vision and sustained focus on the development of the University library has opened a new chapter in the annals of KU library. The simultaneous twin-processes of library automation and digitalization of journals, books and important theses are going on apace. The new In-Charge Mr. P. Yugender Rao, who took charge from Mr. M. Koteshwar Rao, Asst. Librarian with the active cooperation of Mr. P. Kondal Reddy, Library Assistant and Book-keepers have been striving relentlessly for strengthening the structure and spirit of the Library.


With the available funds, staff and infrastructure, the library is poised to bloom into an automated library with all improved modern facilities and services to its clientele.

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