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The Sports Board had sent various teams to participate in national level competitions. The achievements are as given hereunder:
SL. No Activities during 2002-2003
1 The University Gymnastics Men team won Bronze medal in Team Championships in All India Inter-University Gymnastics Championship held at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from 11th to 15th November, 2002.
2 Women Weight Lifters have won All India Silver and Bronze Medals held at LNIPE, Gwalior on 27th December, 2002.
3 One Girl student won All India Bronze Medal in Boxing Championship.

SL. No Activities during 2003-2004
1 University Gymnastics (Men) Team has been declared All India Championships in All India Inter-University Gymnastics Championship held at Guru Nanak University, Amritsar from 22nd to 27th December 2003. The team won 9 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals and 4 bronze medals.
2 Women weightlifters won bronze medals at All India University Weight lifting and Power lifting championship held at Punjab University, Patiala.

SL. No Activities during 2004-2005
1 One participant each from the university Power lifting team women won one silver and one bronze medal. A member of the power lifting (men) won a bronze medal.
2 A participant in the university Archery (men) won one bronze medal.
3 The university Ball Badminton (Men) stood in the IV position.
  1 A member of the University Archery Team Won silver medal.
  2 One member from university Boxing Team won a bronze medal.
  3 The university Gymnastics (Men and Women) Teams together won 10 bronze medals.
4 University weightlifting team stood at fourth place in the tournaments held at Chandigarh University.
5 One member from Weightlifting (Women) team won the bronze medals.

SL. No Activities during 2006-2007
1 The university organized the Inter-university cross-country championships for Men and Women in 2006.
2 One Gold, Two Silver and One Bronze medals were won by the students of the University in the Gymaniscs (Men and Women).
3 In Weight Lifting (Women) the University received One Bronze medal and also secured fourth place.
4 In Weight Lifting (Men) the University secured fourth place.
5 In Hand Ball (Women) the university secured fourth place.