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Administrative Position Name of the Teacher-Administrator
Addl. Controllers of Exams
  1. Prof.S.Mahender Reddy(Controller of Examinations)
  2. Dr.V.Ramchandram (PG and Professional Courses)
  3. Dr. L.P. Raj Kumar (UG Courses)
  4. Prof.Ch.Rajesham (Distance Education Courses)
National Service Scheme (N.S.S) Dr.S.Jyothi
Director SDLCE Prof. Ch.Dinesh kumar
Cordinator, IQAC Prof.P.Krishnama Charya
Development Officer, KU Prof.G.Benarjee
College Development Council Prof.G.Gangadhar Reddy
Gender Studies Courses Coordinator Dr.D.Swaroopa Rani
Director, Self-Finance Courses Dr.T.Manohar
Incharge Director, Directorate of P.G. Admissions Prof.V.Ravinder
Joint Directors, Directorate of PG Admissions Dr.Laxman Naik
Director, Placement Cell Prof.G.Rameshwaram
Member-in-charge University Library Dr.P.Sadanandam
Director, Univ. Hostels Dr N.Prasad
Director, SC/ST Cell Dr.E.Narayana
Director, Student Welfare Centre -
Director, Centre for English Language Training Dr.T. Christopher Reuben
Incharge, Central Instrumentation Centre, Prof. Radha krishna murthy
Director, Women's Studies Centre Dr.V.Shamitha
Director, Kakatiya Adhyayana Kendram Prof.A.Ragan
Incharge, Sericulture Unit Dr.V.Shamitha
Special Officer for looking-after the works realted to the transfer of staff, resources and coordinate with Principals in the developmental activities of the Univ. PG Colleges situated outside Wgl.
Legal Advisor, KU Sri G.Vidyasagar Reddy
Standing Counsel at the Telangana High Court, Hyd. Sri Adi Venkateswara Rao
Joint Director, Univ. PG College Hostel, Nirmal Dr.M.Prabhakar
Director, Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre Dr G. Sammaiah
Joint Director, Univ. PG College Hostel, Wgl. Dr.P.Sadanandam
Joint Director, Pharmacy Hostel Dr.N.Prasad
Coordinator, Placement Cell for B.Tech., MBA & MCA Courses at the Univ. College of Engineering, Kothagudem Mrs.K.Padmaja
Liaison Officer for KU in New Delhi. Mr.Chandar Bhan
Coordinator for Remedial Coaching for SC/ST students to prepare for NET. Dr.J.Madhukar
Joint Director, Academic Audit Prof.E.Raja Narender
Dean Academic Audit Prof.T.Ramesh
Course Incharge for Master of Social Work Prof.D.M.Ravi Prasad
Incharge, Central Instrumentation Centre Prof.C.Radha Krishna Murthy
Registrar Prof. K. Purushotham
Deputy Registrar Sri Y.Shyamson
Assistant Registrar Sri. V . Pruthviraj
Audit (Pre-Audit) Dr.K.Shankar
University Foreign Relations Officer Thammidala Christopher Reuben
NSS Programme Officer Dr Repudi Vijayalatha
Coordinator, for M.B.A. Programme to be offered by the Department of Commerce & Business Management, KU, in Collaboration with the Central Michigan University U.S.A. Prof.G.V.Bhavani Prasad
Director, Finishing Schools Prof.G.V.Bhavani Prasad
In-charge, Telephones Sri M.Gourishankar
Incharge, Avenue Plantation Dr.Md.Mustfa
Head, Dept. of Mining Engineering Prof.K.Showry
Public Relations Officer   Mr.V.Krishnama Charya
Coordinator, Yoga Centre Dr. T.Savitha Jyostna
Director for Backward Class (BC) Cell Dr. K. Sujatha
Vice-Principal, University College, KU Dr.T.Dayakar Rao
Nodal Officer Dr.L.P.Rajkumar
I/c Director for Computer Centre Dr.B.Rama
Incharge Director for Univ. Website and for Campus Networking Dr.B.Manjula
Deputy Director, Career and Counselling Cell Mr.E.Muneendher
Joint Director, Padmakshi Women’s Hostel Dr.J.Krishna Veni
Joint Director, Science Courses, SDLCE. Dr.G.Brahmeshwari
Liaison Officer for Right to Information Act Cell Dr.M.srinivas
Vice-Principal, University College of Engineering, Kothagudem Mr.T.Jagan Mohan Raju
Joint Director for Boys’ Hostel of the Univ. College of Engineering., Kothagudem Mr.B.Srikanth
Joint Director, Pothana Men’s Hostel & Research Scholars’ Hostel Dr.K.Rajender (Commerce)
Joint Director, Dr. BR Ambedkar Boys’ Hostel -
Joint Director, Ganapathideva Hostel Mr.V.Mahender
Vice-Principal, Univ. Arts & Science College, Warangal Prof. K.Ramanuja Rao
Joint Director, Law Hostel Mr.N.Sudarshan
Director for Centre for Persons with Disabilities Mr.M.Venugopal Reddy
Secretary, KU Sports Board & Incharge, Director of Physical Education, KU. Dr.G.Pani
Coordinator for Coaching Scheme for entry into services for SC/ST students in the University Dr.M.Thirumala Devi
Member-in-Charge, Univ. Health Centre Prof.V.Kishan
Joint Director for Boys’ Hostel of KU College of Engineering & Technology, Kakatiya University Campus, Warangal Mr.K.Kishore Kumar
Joint Director for Common Mess Dr.Mamidala Estari
Joint Director for Girls’ Hostel of the University College of Engineering, Kothagudem Mrs.K.Padmaja
Director, Research & Development Centre, KU Prof.A.Sadanandam (Biotech)
Placement Officer, MBA, MCA, MHRM Courses Prof.N.Vijaya Babu
Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences prof.G.Achaiah
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Prof.S.Srinath
Incharge, Univ. Vehicles Under control of Registrar
Director, University-Industry Linkage and Consultancy Cell, KU Prof.T.Srinivas
Residential Consulting Engineer for KU Sri D.Rajendra Karan,
SE (Retired), R & B
Incharge Legal Cell Sri Ch.Ramchander Rao
Asst. Registrar (Retired),KU
Looking-after work  clearing the audit objections raised by the Local Fund Audit Sri G. Venkateshwarlu
D.D.(Retired) State Audit Dept.


Sri. M.Gouri Shankar Finance Wing
Sri Y.Shyamson
University College
Sri P.Srinivas Reddy Admnn. (Teaching & Non-Teaching)
Sri T.Rajaiah Academic
Sri. M.Gouri Shankar Accounts
-Sri T.Venkat Ramana Audit (Pre-Audit)
Sri. V . Pruthviraj Registrar Office
Sri O.Saraiah Directorate of PG Admissions
Sri P. Sridhar Teaching
Dr.M.Narsimha Rao Non Teaching
Sri P. Ashok Babu Examination Branch
Sri Ch Pranay Kumar CDC
Sri Mohd.Habeebuddin UGC
Sri R.Venkateshwarlu Academic Audit
Sri Ramu Engineering College
Sri M.Laxma Reddy  Hostel Office
Sri S.Kistaiah Arts & Science College
Sri G.Sarangapani  SDLCE
Smt. G.Sarala Devi  LAW College
Smt.R.Srilatha Devi  Examination Branch
Dr.K.Shankar Audit (Pre-Audit)
- -
Sri V.Krishnamacharya University Library
Sri A.Jaya Prakash UPGC, Subedari
Sri T.Javer Univ. Arts & Sci. College, Wgl.
Dr. S.Sujatha University Library
Sri B.Hari Govind Singh Univ. Arts & Sci. College
Sri Isaac Prabhakar KU Engineering College
Smt. Subhashini Vijitha KU Pharmacy College
Sri. D.Prabhakar University Library
Smt. G.Sureka Uni, PG College Kammam